About Us

Idea behind Cara!!

At Panamera designs, innovation is primely promoted. Our products are the result of innovative ideas which are thought for the welfare of people, Likewise, Cara was also made. It was the year 2019 when our founder went to a wedding where he saw one of his family members were struggling with their small baby for changing his diaper but due to the absence of a proper hygienic place where they can lie their baby, so the couple was carrying the baby and changing of the diaper was taking place at the same time. After seeing this incident our founder got the idea to prevent this problem. He thought that what if there would be a bag that has a diaper changing unit in which various pockets with a lot of space and a mat attached to it. In which all the baby items can be kept easily without any struggle of carrying them. Which will make the diaper changing process smooth.

The idea went into action and then we started working on the prototypes. Suggestions and views were also taken from the parents for a clearer picture of the product. After 3to 4 months of hard work, Cara was introduced to the world.